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BrandXinc is a strategic communications firm that provides our clients with access to traditional and difficult to reach audiences with the use of all forms of communications.

Our expertise lies in providing insight to our clients in the markets they wish to reach and the ability to influence their target audience.

BrandXinc strength lies in our thorough methodological approach to strategic communications and our proven ability to operate in the challenging and dynamic information environments of remote regions, emerging markets, in all regions, emerging markets, and all environments. Our value lies in our ability to provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of the people they are trying to reach and how to reach them. Our services include:

Strategic Communications
We support all phases of Strategic Communications from planning and strategy consultation to design, delivery and assessment of a full-scale multi-media campaign, a public outreach effort, or support of an information operation. Our methodology provides thorough analysis of the target audience and information environment against our clients goals in order to develop effective messages; determine the timing and type of message delivery; and develop and monitor appropriate measures of performance and effectiveness.

Data Gathering and Analysis
BrandXinc provides its clients with qualitative and quantitative research in areas where access to information is difficult. We use culturally sensitive and scientifically data gathering techniques that have proven successful in unstable and transitional environments. Depending on the level of statistical accuracy and type of information required, we can design and execute polls, surveys, structured and semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and research studies.

Public Opinion Research
Our objective is to provide our clients with relevant and ethnocentrically unbiased scientific data to help them assess the effect and effectiveness of their operations. We offer our clients a full range of quantitative and qualitative public opinion research tools, including:
Scientific polls and surveys
Focus group interviews
Structured and semi-structured interviews
Our multi-disciplinary analytical staff synthesizes, contextualizes, and interprets the data collected to provide our clients with an analysis of public perceptions, how they are formed, and how they influence or affect our clients desired goals. We also successfully conducting the large monthly national polls.

Market Research and Intelligence
BrandXinc provides its clients with critical market research in order to successfully position companies for market entry, to refine corporate communications in new and foreign markets, and help identify strategic partners in unknown locales. Our objective is to provide our clients with relevant, current and ethnocentrically unbiased market research to help them refine local target demographics, understand supply chain and consumer demand dynamics, identify product features and pricing, and design the most effective communications and advertising campaigns.
We provide market insight and analysis with a focus on the following critical areas:
Consumer Segmentation and Brand Name Positioning
Campaign Development and Placement
Assessment of Marketing and Media Campaigns

Media Analysis
BrandXinc media analyses define the information and media environments on interest to our clients: we determine what distribution options are available (from radio, TV, and traditional print media to new media forms ), how the target audience receives information, what types of information sources and media they trust most, what novelty items will be best received, and what are the related costs of each type of media. Based on client budgets and input, we can then devise the optimal distribution method to provide maximum penetration of messages to the target audience.
Our media assessment capability currently provides continuous, 24/7 news coverage and near-real time reporting of all International and U.S media including television, radio, newspapers, and the internet. We can monitor media coverage about any issue or organization. We can:
1. Track media visibility of rising and falling issues
2. Chart ongoing campaigns for peaks and valleys in coverage
3. Monitor sources or regions for irregular coverage
4. Compare coverage in mainstream media (MSM) to publicly-generated media (PGM).

Media Development and Distribution

We collaborate with local talent to develop messages that resonate with target audiences, and use local resources to produce print, audio, video, internet, branded and other multimedia products to support our clients strategic communications plans. Our staff and local teams also orchestrate, execute and oversee the distribution of client messages at the neighborhood, province, regional or national level. We support all phases of media development, from planning outreach requirements through implementation and distribution.

Effects Assessment

Through the use of metrics-based assessment methodology, We are capable of determining your projects effectiveness in impacting both the perceptions and behaviors of targeted populations. This methodology fuses attitudinal and behavioral data to graphically depict the opinions, attitudes, and actual behaviors of the intended populace.

Marketing and Media Campaign Assessments
Our assessment techniques help our clients qualify and quantify the effectiveness of ongoing communications campaigns over time in an environment devoid of regular consumer behavior and public opinion tracking mechanisms. Our assessments help clients identify relevant indicators and measures of success or failure and allow our clients to improve messages or communications platforms to more thoroughly reach their target audiences.

International Development Project Assessments
Our assessment tools also provide invaluable understanding of the effectiveness of social, economic, and political development projects. We assist in developing a set of meaningful metrics to measure the success of these programs and projects. We take the guess work out of determining the successes and failures of a program, allowing program managers to make calculated adjustments.

Effects Assessments
We assist decision makers by helping them understand the effects and effectiveness of policies and operations conducted.

WE can provide expert advice, assistance, guidance or counseling in support of agency missions. This may include studies, analyses and reports. Examples of consultation include but are not limited to: planning, development and execution of communication strategies, programs and products; media and cultural analyses; development and monitoring of metrics assessments; and cultural intelligence and research.

We can source research to collect information otherwise unavailable to the client. We recruit, train, and manage teams of three to thirty individuals who are employed to collect and report political, security, economic, and other information in support of our clients. We manage the collection and synthesis of data and provides recurring analysis and recommendations. We commonly integrate information collected by our human network with open source, proprietary, and secure client materials in order to fuse information and generate comprehensive analysis.
Polls, Surveys and Focus Groups, We conducts surveys and focus groups for clients who are looking to measure the opinions, perceptions, awareness, education, and other aspects of a targeted demographic. Surveys employ state-of-the-art scientific data collection instruments, established demographic targeting techniques, collection process audits and quality control, statistical analysis, and contextual recommendations based on the collected data. We also conduct focus groups a process which requires in-depth discussions and interviews with select members of key demographics. We use focus groups to augment existing measurement instruments. Surveys and focus groups are often used as complementary efforts. Where surveys focus on a large sample size and limited detail, the focus groups concentrate on a small sample set and extensive analysis of key issues. Used together, their quantitative and qualitative properties provide an improved understanding of public perceptions, and the messages most likely to change them.
Please contact us to learn more about our services. dave@presidentspark.com

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