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Black Hills Gold Pay Dirt 11/2 pound ! Paydirt

Black Hills Gold Pay Dirt 112 pound  Paydirt
We do not pre-screen our pay dirt and pick out the nuggets and flakes as many others do. From the same creek bed that General Armstrong Custer's first explored in the Black Hills comes the same Pay Dirt that started the Gold Rush to South Dakota. One of Custer's men wrote that it sticks to your boots as you walk the creek This Pay Dirt come from the creek bed that they found the fist gold in the Black Hills, and over a 150 years later people and companies are still mining gold here for profit. Each bag contains over 1 1/2 pounds of Pay Dirt, that's 25% more than most retailers sell and we charge nearly 20% less for 25% more. We guarantee that you will always find gold in each bag. This Pay Dirt comes form one of the highest Assayed ground ever found in North America.

Please Note that Paydirt Orders May Not Be Returned

"There's gold in them thar hills!"... The excited cries of gold miners from the 1880's still echoes in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
What was true then, is true now. There is an estimated 70 million ounces of gold still locked in the rocks, streams, creeks, and rivers! We own a couple of claims and go prospecting every chance we get. Sometimes we strike it rich, other times we don't.

However, you can strike it rich every time by purchasing this concentrated paydirt, as I guarantee GOLD IN EVERY BAG! You get a full 1 lb. of concentrated paydirt - directly from the gold-bearing creeks on my claims. Very rich with black sand, minerals, and some semi-precious stones. (put a magnet on the bag... you'll see that it sticks!)
How we get our paydirt:
I drive out to a claims with all our equipment. (Sluice box, buckets, classifiers, shovel, pick, rock hammer, hand pump, etc.) Hike through the woods to a spot on the creek, then bust our butt all day shoveling the creek bottom into a classifier. We put our sluice box in the creek, and dump the classified material into the sluice. After it runs for a while, we dump the concentrate into 5 gallon buckets. Then we haul the con's home and dry them out in the sun. After that, they go right into the bag... no panning, no picking. Just straight gold concentrate for you to pan out! If you're looking for genuine paydirt that comes from a classic, proven, gold-bearing spot in pristine area of the Black Hills, then this is the item for you. We have done all the hard work; now it's up to you to pan it out! :)
How we make our guarantee:
There is at least one nice picker (usually 2 or 3) and 5 smaller nuggets that we hand pick and place inside the bag, along with whatever else was already in the concentrate. (usually quite a bit of flake / flour gold, along with a couple pickers) At the very least, you will find .5 grams, and have a ton of fun doing it. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing "color" in your pan!

All the best to you... thanks for looking!

Black Hills Pay Dirt Deadwood Gold 2010

Please Note that Paydirt Orders May Not Be Returned
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