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American Indian Arrowheads

American Indian Arrowheads
American Indian Arrowheads

Each are unique, one of a kind !

Not an Indian product, but nearly identical to those made by Indians

I'm often asked "Did all native American Indians make arrowheads ?"... and my answer is this... Most modern men know how to change a tire on a car, and most know how to also change the oil in a car, but very few of these men would call themselves "Mechanics"... so it was with the Ancients... almost all males in their society could "rough-out" a usable knife when needed "in the field", but there were true artisans of the flint-knapping profession and many members of their tribes would turn to them to provide these necessary stone tools. Items were bartered for the needed stone implements, and I can imagine that some were likely "traded for a promise"... something along the line of, if you give me this arrowhead, I'll give you a portion of the kill I make when I use it.
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