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Black Hills Gold By The Ounce

Black Hills Gold By The Ounce
This is real Black Hills Gold, it is not Tri Colored like the Jewelry *. This gold was panned out of the same creek that General Armstrong Custer's first explored. It is absolutely 100% Black Hills panned Gold. Some is from 1984, much is from 1998 and 99. We are selling about 25% of our loose Black Hills Gold. While is lasts !

From the same creek bed that General Armstrong Custer's first explored in the Black Hills comes the same Pay Dirt that started the Gold Rush to South Dakota. One of Custer's men wrote that it sticks to your boots as you walk the creek This Pay Dirt come from the creek bed that they found the fist gold in the Black Hills, and over a 150 years later people and companies are still mining gold here for profit. This Pay Dirt comes form one of the highest Assayed ground ever found in North America

* Black Hills Gold Jewelry is made from gold bars, and stocks of pure silver and copper. These metals are not required to be mined in the Black Hills. Gold and other precious metal stock can be acquired from anywhere in the world. The finished jewelry known as Black Hills Gold must be produced in the Black Hills of South Dakota
Limited quantities for this item. 14 in stock.
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