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Black Hills Gold Mine Investors Wanted

Black Hills Gold Mine Investors Wanted
Gold Mine Investors Wanted Description: $275,000 for start up operation of a unique reclamation operation at abandon mine site. Facts: The Black Hills of South Dakota have some of the richest gold deposits on earth Millions of ounces of gold ore has been found here and still exist here Over 25,000 mines have operated here in the Black Hills in the past 133 years Many operations only recovered 30% of the gold at their claim Funds will be used for: The production of our new and unique gold recovery equipment The recovery of gold bearing ore missed at abandoned mine operations Operating equipment, permits and operation costs. We have identified a number of mining operations that are over 100 years old and are remotely located in the Black Hills. Most where quite successfully operated at $20.00 per ounce. The technology did not exist at that time to claim all of the gold, in fact at many locations only recovered 30% of there mined gold. Projected cost of recovery is $624.00 per ounce. Projected recovered ounces of gold in the first year of operation in 380 to 440 ounces. At $1006.60 an ounce we will see a $382.60 profit per ounce, 440 recovered ounces is worth $442,904.00 less $274,560.00 cost of recovery leaving $168,334.00 the first year. ROI Return on investment offer is 150% of investment paid at the rate of 50% of net of recovered gold, approximately 16 months of operating recovery, and 10% of company stock, including interregnal ownership of gold recovery equipment as well as the like percentage of any future sales of this equipment. There are over 100,000 ounces of gold that could be recovered, maybe 100 times that.
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