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Black Hills Gold $385 per Ounce 05215

Black Hills Gold 385 per Ounce 05215
Black Hills Gold $385 per Ounce

This Black Hills Gold is from the Vault of Deadwood Gold, purchased in 2004 when gold was $385 pr ounce. The replacement cost of this jewelry is 280% higher today than 2004. Many manufactures have started to maker smaller Black Hills Gold or are using less grades of gold to keep the price down. No matter what you can be assured that this Black Hills Gold from the vault is going to larger than new jewelry and have better quality gold then the jewelry manufactured with $1000 an ounce gold.

In July of 1874, an expeditionary force, led by General George Armstrong Custer, set out to explore the relatively unknown Black Hills. Custer's expedition included military personnel, engineers, geologists, naturalists, practical miners, Indian scouts, a newspaperman and a photographer.

The first arrivals found nuggets the size of pine cones, while the late-comers were less fortunate. Placer claims were located on practically every creek in the northern Black Hills. The operation of placer mining (washing the gold from course gravel of the creek beds) was short-lived. The placers were worked out and the mining of gold ore in the hard rocks had begun.

Jewelry creators soon emerged in the booming hills of Dakota Territory. Innovative designers brought an intriguing style of jewelry with them to the Black Hills. The distinctive three-color configuration of grape and leaf designs traveled through the gold rush camps of the western frontier before arriving in the Black Hills of South Dakota. History recalls that Black Hills gold jewelry was made and in Deadwood, South Dakota as early as 1878.

This jewelry is hand crafted by the ancestors of the original creators and is as good as gold because it is!
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