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- ONE POUND Penny COLLECTIONS from 1909 to 1982.U S Cents

 ONE POUND Penny COLLECTIONS from 1909 to 1982U S Cents
We guarantee that our penny collections are 100% unsearched!

Recent shop purchase of 500,000 wheaties makes this sale possible. No time to sort...we just weigh them and ship them!

ONE POUND COLLECTIONS from 1909 to 1982.

Pennies minted in the United States prior to and during the first part of 1982 were comprised of 95% pure copper (minted and processed entirely in the USA) and 5% zinc.

Pennies are viewed as a good investment choice by many metal enthusiasts because they are easily recognizable, and their content is backed by one of the most trusted institutions in the country; the US Mint. Pennies have a low downside risk as they have a floor at cash value, and an unlimited upside potential as the price of copper rises.

Looking for larger quantities? This product is also available in 5 pounds.

With ease of recognition and government-backed purity, pennies are a great form of bullion in their current state, much like 90% silver US coins are traded as bullion today.

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