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Art by DaviD Fade In Tank

Art by DaviD Fade In Tank
Art by DaviD Fade In Tank.We know that art has been around before written language. Ancient carvings and cave-wall paintings attest to an early drive to participate in artistic endeavors. I think there must be the same seed of creativity that connects long forgotten ancestors and modern artists. The most obvious similarity is that dedicated artists tend to create art that reflects important aspects of their lives. Human society evolved into more stable and some times less stable communities, the art changed. Art is subjective; many new artist idea of art can be more shocking or even puzzling than objective. If you can't understand the work of art that's OK, if you have to think about a work of art that is even better, if you remember a work of art, it worked!

DaviD has been producing works of art in many forms and with many medias for nearly three decades. DaviD has just recently started releasing his works for sale to the general public.
Information upon request.
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